Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy New Year, Y'all!

Yes, I've been quiet of late, and maybe there isn't much of a good reason for it, but I'll say say that I've been traveling, and getting used to a different sort of life.

I also realise that I need to conclude the result of my fantastic time at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. While I was not expected, I did produce some finished artwork. I think I managed to accomplished much more than what I had set out, and I had managed to answer a few questions about what makes me happy.

That happiness doesn't come in one chunky lot. It comes in little bits, through different things.

- A walk in the woods, sitting on a mossy log and pretending, just for a fleeting moment in your adult life, that you are in a fairy tale.

- Being asked by four geriatrics in a bar to dance with them, and being happy about it because it made them happy to dance with you.

- When stray dogs come up to you and want to play with you.

- When you realise that you have some pretty damn awesome people in your life.

- Being able to make friends and actually enjoying their company (rather than just hanging out because you don't want to be alone).

Little things like that.

Anyway, time for photos:

This is the piece that I worked on the longest. It took me a while to develop the concept note, and even longer to figure out the mechanics.

A fun wire piece.

The piece has several variable configurations, which is the fun part.

I tried an environmental piece. The structure is based on the original idea I had before coming to Sitka. I think it works really well in this context.

Insert your own message about pollution in the ocean, etc.

It was raining and really friggin' cold on the day of the outdoors photo shoot.

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Anaya Ganju said...

I know you prefer the lichen and moss, but the people shots are quite good too!