Thursday, October 10, 2013

Antiques and Walmart

     A huge thank you to the lovely and ever helpful Mr. Frank, for loaning me this beautiful antique microscope! You have no idea how excited my inner nerd is!
Oh, Walmart!
     As someone who uses her own shopping bag at grocery stores- who recently ( and shamelessly) gave a lecture to the cash register clerk at a Houston supermarket about all the plastic bags they were using,  I was feeling a bit concerned and guilty with the amount of packaging paper Walmart had been stuffing with my order of household necessities (well, I wasn't going to lug around washing detergent and fabric softener)- which they sent in four (really, Walmart?) boxes over four days. It's a lot of paper. The paper has been folded and set aside for now, but while playing around with the microscope, I think I might have found some use for it before it goes into the recycling bin:
Moss and Lichen
      Let's see if anything comes out from this idea.
     BTW, when I said I replaced real content with cat photos, I wasn't kidding:
Thanks Ernie!

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