Saturday, October 19, 2013

Olga and Helga

     I've already introduced Olga before (though I hadn't named her yet then). She lives on a log, with her sister, Helga.

White splotch on the left is Olga, and white splotch on the right is Helga
     This photo was taken yesterday, to give one an idea of their surrounding environment. I've been keeping a track of them since the 15th but I've been focusing more on Olga simply because she's easier to photograph, and Helga was a much smaller blotch on an awkward angle when I first came across them. She's actually moved (!) from the log to that branch now.

     Anyway, let's start with the star of the show, Olga:
Olga, 15/10/13
Olga, 17/10/13 (for movement reference, use the leaves)

Olga, 18/10/13

Olga (???), 19/10/13

Olga, 15/10/13

Olga, 17/10/13
Olga, 18/10/13
Olga, 19/10/13
Olga, 19/10/13

Olga, 19/10/13

Meanwhile, Helga:

Helga, 15/10/13

Helga, 17/10/13 (Helga is reaching out for that branch on the left)
Helga, 18/10/13 ... that was friggin' quick
Helga, 19/10/13 !!?
Helga, 19/10/13
     I'm supposed to go on a hike and a boat ride early tomorrow morning, but all I can think of right now is "oh no, what about Olga and Helga???"

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