Saturday, October 19, 2013

And I kept killing Matilda...

Hi again, Matilda!
     While Herbie is thriving, I've accidentally killed Matilda, twice. The first time around, I was titling her little condiment tray to get a better shot with the camera, and she got buried by an avalanche of coffee grounds. There was no sign of her for about 3 days. She bravely came back though, and I was happy, and then got distracted with other things and when I came back to check up on her and take some photos, she had died  under the hash light of my work lamp. Tragedy!

     Anyway, I was just about to give up and reuse the dish for other things (broccoli), when I forgot about it and left it for a few more days. And today I was taking an update of Herbie (isn't he beautiful, in a moldy way?) and checked up on the coffee grounds, just in case. And there's Matilda!
     And speaking of Herbie: 

Hi Herbie!
     I don't really have much scientific knowledge about molds, so I'm not sure if the white fluff is still Herbie, or  something else.
Lush forests of white and green... growing on a rotting banana.
    There's no sign of life on the left over piece of bread, or on the tea-bag. I'm surprised that there's nothing on the bread. Why, bread, why?

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