Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Keep it down, hairless apes!

     It's great that people are going on nature hikes, appreciating the fresh air, enjoying the good weather, etc etc. It's not so great when there's a large number of them, talking loudly. It's even annoying, when you're old, and they're young, and they say stuff like "That bike ride was sooo siiiick." What?
     I know I say "awesome" a lot (because I watched Bill and Ted during my formative years), but not loudly on a nature hike.

     That said, besides Olga and Helga, I've been spending a bit of time studying these guys:

     Hordes of people walked past while I was taking photos of this log, and perhaps if they'd just talked a little less, slowed down some more, and took a closer look, they'd have seen this:

     I don't know what they are, yet, but they are awesome.

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